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Rinjani Hike is a local tour guide company that organizes trips and climbs to Mount Rinjani chaired by Mr. John himself since 1982. On March 23, 2015, this company was officially registered with the Ministry of Taxes and fully licensed under the name PT. John Adventures.

Mr. John himself is the first person who took trekers to Mount Rinjani. 3 years as the porter and guide and then he built this company until nowadays. 

John Adventure’s office located in the Mount Rinjani National Park area to be precise in Senaru Village, North Lombok Regency where you can see Mount Rinjani clearly with the green tropical rain forest below, you can also see the sunrise over a vast expanse of rice fields with a colorful sea yellowish in the morning like the picture above

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As the first company to become a Mount Rinjani tour guide since 1982 until now, John Adventure has a lot of experience in ensuring the safety of trekking activity, especially for family climbers who have small children in them.

Mr. John himself provides highly trained, experienced and good-speaking tour guides and porters as well as good quality trekking equipment to ensure your trip gets comfort and a beautiful impression

Friendly price and includes everything. We are first-hand, guides and porters are local natives who are used to the extreme trails and weather on Mount Rinjani

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As the first man ever to take trekkers to Mount Rinjani over twenty years ago, no-one knows the area and its people better than self-styled “Mr John”. As part of the “John’s Adventures” programme, he will take you on a three-day trek up the slopes of the volcano to the sacred lake that fills it crater, known as Segara Anak (“child of the sea”). After a sweaty hike, you’ll be ready for a refreshing swim.


For this trek, it is best that you do not trek solo. I went with a couple of friends and we decided to go with John’s Adventure which was a little more expensive than the others, but since there are so many scams out there, we think it would be best if we went with an already established company.

With John’s Adventure, you have a choice of doing the summit for 2 days, the summit and the lake for 3 days or 4 days. We thought we were pretty decent trekkers so we went with the 3 days package. Turned out we weren’t that great and the schedule proved to be too tight for us so we only went up the summit and opted out for the lake because we were too slow to come down from the summit. The fact that we were climbing on volcanic ashes meant that whenever we climb 2 steps up, we were going down 1 step as well. It’s like climbing up a sand dune.


A young seasoned climber, Nur has done the trek over 200 times in his 20 something years, having started as a porter which is an impressive role in itself.  Each hiking group is assigned one porter per person. Balancing between 30-45Kg of load distributed in two wicker baskets on either end of a bamboo pole, they effortlessly wind their way up and down the mountain, cigarette in hand, cell phone tunes in pocket and slip slops on feet. Slip slops? Seriously! They put me, my blisters, and my slowly abandoning toenail on my left little toe to utter shame.

To find a suitable trekking company, search the net or ask around. We found ours through John’s Adventures, the very first Rinjani trekking company. John certainly knows his adventures, as we didn’t take long to find out.


We can hire guides in the touristic city of Senggigi, although I don’t recommend it because there are many hustlers who are not authorized guides. It is best to hire them in Senaru Village, a town in the north of the base of the volcano.

I recommend John’s Adventures The Rinjani Master agency . They use equipment in very good condition and are very aware of environmental protection.


We’ve been on full-service guided treks in various places around the world. With its website full of terrible English, and minimal communication at booking time, we were a bit worried how John’s Adventure would stack up. We needn’t have been concerned. All three critical components of a guided trek — guide, equipment, and food — turned out to be excellent. Our guide Adi had good English and was experienced and fun. He’s been up the mountain over 500 times in 15 years of guiding. Our tents were spacious and brand new. The food was plentiful and varied. We splurged on the deluxe package, which also included comfortable camp chairs (photo 6), a toilet tent, and more bottled water than we could drink. And somehow we ended up with the best campsite, by far, at every location. No complaints whatsoever.

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Grigory K
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The best trekking company for Rinjani. When it comes to Rinjani, the whole experience depends on the quality of your trekking company. The cheaper companies may lack food, water, good matresses to sleep and groups may be as big as 7-8. In this case, the maximum is 4 and the service quality is extremely good.
Irene B
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We found John’s adventure on Rough guide and we decided to trek with them for 2 days and one night trekking on Rinjani Volcano. The team speaks good English, communications were accurate and detailed. Everything has been arranged very easily, from the pick up, to the stay at the nearby hotel, to the trek and the drop of.
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Excellent service and organization. I did the 2 day, 1 night track to the crater rim with John's adventure. I can highly recommend it! Everything was very well organized and the service as well as equipment was excellent! The food was delicious sbd plenty. I had the feeling that they put safety first.
Valentina C
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AMAZING HIKE TO THE CRATER RIM WITH JOHN'S ADVENTURE! We went for the 2days/1night walk to Gunung Rinjani with John's Adventure last night.. A beautiful experience, really well organized. We were with the expert guide Hero and the senior porter Amak Lahul: they made our walk even more special
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John took very good care of us during the earthquakes Agt 2018 • Pasangan We slept in the Rinjani Lodge, which was included in our package. The hotel was great. A very nice bed, view and meals. In the morning we would have had breakfast and started our four day hike, but during breakfast at the office the earthquakes hit. We all fled outside and ...
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Unforgettable hike/trek. I did a 4D3N package in September 2017 with Rinjani Master, also known as John's Adventure along with 2 of my female friends. The climb to the summit was especially challenging. I did not make it up to the summit in time for sunrise but the sunrise view on the way up was amazing as well. Our Guide Ren was a comical guy - he was hilarious and that really kept the mood high throughout the climb.
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We have just returned from the 2 day 1 night Crater Rim Trek with John's Adventure (Rinjani Master), and loved it! We found the company great from start to finish! We had booked the Deluxe package which included private transfers - nice comfortable car with AC, and the driver was very flexible with pick up and drop off times.
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We booked a 2Days/1 Night trek to the crater rim / lake with Johns Adventure, We had a really good experience. Everything was well organised: pick up and drop off before and after the trek, good guide, incredible porters, lot of good food. They cared about everything. We felt very safe and lucky with them. We would recommend them for trekking Mount Rinjani
Henk v
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Fantastically organised trekking to the summit and the crater lake. Very friendly and hospitable staff. We were collected and dropped off from and to our hotel before and after our trip. We had more food than we could eat, altough we needed the energy, and it's impressive how they prepare such tasty nasi or curry on top of a mountain.
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Superbly organised trekking with John's Adventure. It was definitely clear that this company established in 1982 knew exactly what they were doing, as everything was organised impressively, making the whole trip exceed expectations and stress free, meaning we only had to focus on one thing

We are here to help before during and after your trip. If you have trouble, don’t hesitate to ask. contact us via the following form

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Mount Rinjani National Park

Mount Rinjani National Park has an area of 413 km2 covering about 30% of West Lombok, about 53% of East Lombok, and Central Lombok about 17%, no wonder we can witness the beauty of Mount Rinjani from almost anywhere on Lombok Island.

The topography of Mount Rinjani National Park is a mountainous area with an altitude between 500 to 3,726 meters above sea level with wavy, flat and hilly contours. The mountains are also separated by valleys and rocky slopes which are quite steep.

with an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level, Mount Rinjani is Indonesia’s third highest peak after the Carstensz Pyramid in Papua and Mount Kerinci in Sumatra, this mountain is located in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, precisely on the island of Lombok which is adjacent to the island of Bali.

Find more about the official hiking trails and main attractions on mount rinjani here

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Leisurely hike

- Duration: 2 days a night
- Highest altitude: 2641 m
- Destination : Senaru crater
- 11 miles back and forth
- Duration: 2 days a night
- Highest altitude: 3126 m
- Destination : Second summit
- 12 miles back and forth
- Duration 2 days 1 night
- Highest altitude 2600 m
- Destination : Tetebatu crater
- 11 miles back and forth

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