want to climb Mount Rinjani without a trekking organizer? here are the steps

climb Mount Rinjani without a trekking organizer

Rinjani without a Trekking Organizer

Do you want to climb Mount Rinjani without a Trekking Organizer, here are the steps and some advices by Rinjanihike.com

Mount Rinjani is very interesting to visit, especially if we have heard stories of its beauty from people around and found lots of interesting photos on social media and the internet, of course this will further encourage us to climb the mountain. on the other hand there are some of them who are still confused in preparing travel and climbing plans, this can be easily resolved by making a reservation with the Trekking Organizer, they will arrange your trip very neatly from when you come to return home. But of course this will require a higher cost than you do it yourself.

The advantages of using a trekking organizer

Using a trekking organizer will greatly facilitate your trip, they prepare all your transportation needs before during and after your trekking trip, prepare rooms and accommodation, and prepare everything related to climbing needs such as climbing equipment, Rinjani entry tickets, insurance, guides, porters and good meals.

Climbing Rinjani without trekking organizer

Can you climb Mount Rinjani without a Trekking Organizer? yup of course you can. Especially if you already have a lot of experience in climbing, and you prefer and are used to doing it yourself. However, there are a number of things you must do if you want to climb Mount Rinjani by yourself. Here are the steps

  1. Choose Entrance, first you have to determine where you will start climbing, because on Mount Rinjani there are 6 official entrances. However, if you want to choose the fastest path to reach the main peak, the admin recommends choosing the Sembalun entrance
  2. Do Offline Registration, look for ticket registration offices located at every entrance to Mount Rinjani, you can ask the local community to find the exact location.
  3. Sign The Agreement, You will be asked by the officer to sign an agreement letter which states that you are responsible for yourself in climbing activities.
  4. Prepare Thoroughly, since your climb is not accompanied by porters and guides, you must prepare sufficient logistics such as water and food to help you survive on the mountain.
  5. Protecting The Environment, take your trash home and don’t litter it on the mountain, the officer will check your luggage when starting and ending the climb, the items you bring down must match what you brought when going up the mountain.

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If you still have problems and some questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message, we will be very happy to help your problems