Rinjani hike 3 Days finish in senaru

rinjani hike 3 days

Rinjani hike 3 Days finish in Senaru highlights


This trip will take 4 days and 3 nights including the day of your arrival, on the first night you will stay at our accommodation in Senaru village, the 2nd and the 3rd one you will camp at Mount Rinjani (Sembalun crater rim, Senaru crater rim).

Hiking Trails

On the first day of trekking, you will pass through a bit of forest and wide savanna (open area) from starting point (Sembalun Village) until post 3, then walk uphill towards the Sembalun crater (camping area)

The second day of trekking, you will walk uphill to the main peak of 3726 via a sandy track. Meanwhile, the path from Sembalun to Senaru is to go down the hill to Segara Anak and up the hill to Senaru.

For the last day, you will pass through a shady tropical rainforest to get to the finish point


Day 1

  • Waiting for your arrival at the location that has been confirmed beforehand
  • Our driver will take you to our office in Senaru village
  • Check in to the accommodation after completing payment
  • Our tour guide will take you for a walk in Senaru village and visit a waterfall which is one of the popular tourist destinations on Lombok Island (if we arrive at Senaru village before 3 pm)
  • After sunset, our trekking guide will meet you and explain in more detail about the hiking plan you have chosen

Day 2

  • You will wake up in the morning around 6am and our crew will prepare breakfast for you
  • Sometime after breakfast, we will go from Senaru village to Sembalun village by driving for about 30 to 40 minutes
  • Registration and submit the ticket barcode at the TNGR office
  • Starting the climbing activity from Sembalun village to Pelawangan Sembalun (camping area) by passing through a bit of forest and wide savanna for 8 hours (lunch will be prepared by our porters around post 2)
  • Arrived at the camping area (Sembalun crater rim) around 5 pm, our guide and porter will prepare tents and dinner

Day 3

  • Get up around 2am for a light breakfast, because we will be heading to the main peak at this time
  • Hike on a sandy track for about 3 hours
  • We will reach the top of 3726 around 6 am to enjoy the sunrise
  • After 30 minutes we will come back down to the camp area for the second breakfast
  • After a while, we’ll pack up and go down to Segara Anak Lake (2000 masl)
  • Lunch at Segara Anak Lake and soak for a while in a hot spring
  • Climbing the steep hill to the Senaru crater rim (2641 masl) to camp the second night
  • Our porter will prepare dinner for you there

Day 4

  • After breakfast and packing, we will leave the camping area to the finish point (Senaru Village)
  • we will pass through a vast tropical rainforest, lunch will be prepared by porters around post 2
  • Normally we will get down around 1 pm
  • Our driver will pick you up back to our office
  • After you pack up, our driver will take you to your next destination (on request)

Prices & Inclusions

Note :

There is a huge range of prices for trekking Rinjani, depending on which company you go with, the type of room you stay in before trekking, the number of guests in a group, and which tour option you choose.

For similar tours, the price can be very different. usually, the cheapest company doesn’t provide essential services like a good sleeping bag, toilet tent, or a licensed guide, and there are even some who lack food during trekking.

 Contact us directly to make it easier for you to find the right price

What is included?

  • All transportation needs during the tour including  pick-up and drop
  • A night’s accommodation on the arrival day before trekking
  • Welcome drink ( mineral water, tea or coffee )
  • Tour guide to exploring Senaru Village and Waterfall on the arrival day, also the entrance fee for it ( if we arrive before 3 pm )
  • An experienced English-speaking and licensed trekking guide
  • Porter service ( 1 porter for 2 guests )
  • Entrance fee and trekking insurance to Mount Rinjani
  • Trekking meals and types of equipment ( tent, sleeping bag, matt, toilet tent, table, and chair)
  • Luggage storage area

What's not included?

  • Dinner on the arrival day
  • Accommodation after trekking
  • Additional trekking equipment ( personal flashlight and stick ) We provide it for rent
  • Fastboat and a flight ticket
  • Personal daypack
  • Tips for guide, porter, and driver (expected)

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