E-Rinjani online booking

E-Rinjani online booking

E-Rinjani is an online ticket booking application organized by BTNGR (Balai Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani), intended only for climbing Mount Rinjani. You can get this application on the PlayStore, it is not compatible with iOS users.

The type of E-Rinjani user

There are 2 types of users in e-Rinjani which have their advantages and disadvantages, Organizations and Individuals.

Organization-user is those who run businesses on Mount Rinjani (Trekking Organiser) such as providing trekking packages which include guide services, porters, logistics, and so on. This type of user was created and inaugurated by BTNGR for the welfare of human resources in the Mount Rinjani National Park area. The advantage of this user is that they can buy any number of entry tickets for their clients as long as the climbing quota is still there (400 climbers per day for each entrance), but you have to pay more for trekking if assisted by this user.

Individual-user are those who do not use the services of a Trekking Organizer and buy entrance tickets independently, however these users can only purchase tickets for themselves, they cannot do it for others.

Rinjani ticket prices

There are also 2 types of climbing tickets that have different prices, tickets for local climbers cost IDR 5,000 per day and IDR 150,000 per day for foreign climbers. For example if you hike 2 days 1 night, the total ticket price that must be paid is IDR 150,000 times 2 (IDR 300,000).

However, this price will change if the duration of your hike includes holidays, which is IDR 225,000 per day. For example, if you hike for 2 days and one night on Saturday and Sunday (Sunday is a holiday), then the total price you have to pay is IDR 375,000, (IDR 150,000 for Saturday plus IDR 225,000 for Sunday)

How to book in E-Rinjani

After reading the information above, you already know what it is, the types of users and ticket prices on E-Rinjani. The following are the steps for making an online booking on e-Rinjani for independent climbers (individual-users)

  1. Download the app (E-Rinjani) in the Playstore, or book directly on the official website of BTNGR
  2. Register your account with an active email
  3. After your account is registered, prepare an identity number (KTP or passport) and check the climbing quota by selecting the entrance (there ara 5 different entrance) and the trekking date you want
  4. If the climbing quota is still there, proceed to payment, but if not do the same method by choosing a different path/date. There are 400 quotas per day for each climbing entrance (150 for individual-users and 250 for Organization-users)
  5. When the payment has been confirmed by BTNGR, the entry ticket barcode will be sent to the email that you previously registered

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