Lombok Maldives, have you ever visited the Maldives before? or have you ever seen the photos of its beauty? well, this is Lombok’s version of Maldives.

This place is the true hidden paradise, the only word you’ll say when you visit here is ” this is insane, how come i never heard of this place before “. Well, we’ll review this in full.

But before we talk about it, do you know what Gili is? Maybe you’ve heard of the very famous Gili Trawangan before, but what is Gili? The Gilis are small islands located just off the coast of the main island. There are various sizes, the largest recorded is Gili Gede which is located off the coast of the western part of Lombok Island, covering an area of ​​260 hectares. There are also very small ones, such as Gili Kapal, which is only 0.5 hectares in area.

picture of very small Gili Kapal
picture of very small Gili Kapal

There are more than 50 Gilis such as Gili Trawangan which surrounds the island of Lombok, but most are still natural and untouched by local residents. 

back to our previous topic, we will review the lombok maldives off the east coast of Lombok, Gili Kondo, Bidara, and Petagan.

Lombok Maldives

This paradise is located off the east coast of Lombok, precisely in Sambelia sub-district, to reach this place you will cross by boat for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Gili Kondo

Gili Kondo Lombok Island
Gili Kondo

Gili Kondo is one of the best, the sand is pure white with calm waves and bluish sea. This Gili is still very natural, there are no public facilities such as public toilets, there are only a few small trees that grow there. Usually, this place is used as a camping spot by visitors who want to have more time to explore other Gilis such as Gili Bidara, Kapal and Petagan.

Gili Bidara

Gili Bidara Lombok
picture of Gili Bidara with Gili Kondo behind it

Gili Bidara also has the same beauty as Gili Kondo, the location is not far from Gili Kondo, only about 10 minutes by boat. This place is usually used as a photo spot by visitors. As can be seen from the picture above, the waves are calm and there are coral reefs which are very suitable for diving activities

Gili Kapal

Gilik Kapal
Pictures of Gili Kapal. behind it, there are Gili Kondo and Bidara which are clearly visible with Mount Rinjani covered in clouds

Different from other Gili in general, Gili Kapal is only 2 meters wide. and uniquely, visitors who want to stand here must wait for the sea water to recede, because when the tide is high, this Gili will be submerged in sea water. there is no other activity to do here apart from taking pictures and capturing the moment of standing on it. but even so, this Gili becomes a queue for visitors

Gili Petagan

Gili Petagan
many birds perch on the Gili Petagan tree

Located to the east of Gili Kondo and Bidara, Gili Petagan has its own uniqueness that visitors cannot miss. Its unique shape makes it an amazing photo spot. it looks like there is a river flowing in the middle where the sides are filled with natural mangrove trees

Gili Petagan Lombok
sailing among the mangrove trees at Gili Petagan
Gili Petagan Lombok
The uniqueness of Gili Petagan

main activities

Diving & Snorkeling

Gili Kondo Snorkeling
Dive and swim with schools of fish over the coral reefs

Apart from having crystal-clean white sand, these Gilis are also famous for their rich marine life. There are many kinds of reef fish that you can easily find here, and the beauty of the coral reefs that you can see has many beautiful colors.

coral reefs with beautiful colors
Coral reefs with beautiful colors

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