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As the first man ever to take trekkers to Mount Rinjani over twenty years ago, no-one knows the area and its people better than self-styled “Mr John”. As part of the “John’s Adventures” programme, he will take you on a three-day trek up the slopes of the volcano to the sacred lake that fills it crater, known as Segara Anak (“child of the sea”). After a sweaty hike, you’ll be ready for a refreshing swim.
It was definitely clear that this company established in 1982 knew exactly what they were doing, as everything was organised impressively, making the whole trip exceed expectations and stress free, meaning we only had to focus on one thing...putting one foot in front of the other. From a timely pick up to the luxury accommodation pre-trek and organised travel on to Bali, they didn't miss a thing. Our guide was early and we were thrilled as we really wanted to keep to the time scale, and this was maintained throughout the trip. The porters couldn't do enough for you with the incredible food (way too much and of such a high quality) and having the tents set up ready for us. At all times we felt safe in the hands of Our guide Singer, and he even brought on another assistant for the summit trek to cater for our group and our different walking paces. Achieving the summit with the support of John's Adventure is the greatest achievement of my life, and I thoroughly recommend it!
We found John’s adventure on Rough guide and we decided to trek with them for 2 days and one night trekking on Rinjani Volcano. The team speaks good English, communications were accurate and detailed. Everything has been arranged very easily, from the pick up, to the stay at the nearby hotel, to the trek and the drop of. The guide was very prepared and he give us all the time we needed to complete the trek in our time. The equipment was good for passing a night out and the camp was posed on zone repaired from the wind. The porters also cooked and everything was delicious and abundant (Indonesian + snacks + fruit etc). We recommend to trek Rinjiani with them!

about mr. john

Welcome nature lovers, thanks for finding out about me. Let me tell a little story about my interesting experience in tourism.

I was born in the 60s in affluent fishing family, my parents’ income sometimes could not meet our needs. Than i helped them by working on Gili Trawangan as a hotel room cleaner. At that time I was 13 years old and had an amazing experience, I meet new people every day who come from various countries and regions because Gili Trawangan was one of the most popular tourist destinations at that time until now.

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My language skills improved After several years of working as housekeeping, then i tried to find another job that was more free. At first I became a tour guide for those who wanted to do snorkeling and diving activities, and I even guided them to explore the small islands in West Nusa Tenggara to Komodo Island.

In the 90s I became interested in mountains so I invited some of my friends to climb Mount Rinjani, which at that time was still very empty of visitors. after completing the climb I thought to share this extraordinary experience with the world and start guiding those who want to climb there, for that I became the first person who took trekkers to explore Mount Rinjani.

A few months as a Rinjani tour guide, I started to get overwhelmed because many people booked to take part in this climb, for that in 1982 I built John Adventure (a local tour guide company to Mount Rinjani) I recruited my friends to become tour guides and porters (people whose job is to carry logistics and camping equipment).

After several years of John Adventure running, at that time I had about 200 porters and guides working for me, all of them were my friends and local people who previously made a living by farming. I am proud and very happy because I can provide a place to work for them, besides that John Adventure is a place for them to develop their language skills and abilities to become tour guides, until now almost all Trekking Organizers who have opened tour guide businesses to Mount Rinjani have worked and look for experiences on John Adventure before.

company profile

rinjani hike profile
rinjani hike profile

Rinjanihike.com runs under the name PT. John’s Adventure chaired by Mr. john. This company started operating since 1982 and was registered as having an official permit from the Ministry of taxation in 2015.

Apart from rinjanihike.com, this company also has another site which is still active today, namely rinjanimaster.com. All workers (including guides and porters) are native local people who were born and raised in the Mount Rinjani National Park area.

From 1982 until now, this company has helped a lot of people who want to climb Mount Rinjani, but unfortunately because Mr, John is not very active in marketing and social media, so he missed countless good reviews from previous climbers who were satisfied with the service

contact & payment

The person who will respond to your text message and reservation is Mr. John himself. If you want to make a payment, please confirm manually to Mr. John’s WhatsApp account directly