senaru village

Senaru village is one of the official entrances to the Mount Rinjani hiking trail, located in northern Lombok at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. The following are tour activities that are usually carried out in this village by visitors

Senaru Panorama Walk highlights

About Senaru Village

Senaru village
Senaru village location (google earth)

Senaru village is one of the popular tourist villages that has received many awards in the tourism village category. This village is located in the northern part of Lombok Island, precisely in the Bayan sub-district. Most of the area enters the Mount Rinjani National Park and is one of the official climbing gates, but even so, the location is not far from the beach. This village is still very beautiful and natural, free from various types of pollution.

Senaru Village has a unique topography, where there are flat rice fields, steep cliffs, and several paths with flowing water sources beside it. Because of this unique topography, it’s filled with beautiful scenery. You can clearly see Mount Rinjani in the south, the blue sea in the north, enjoy the beauty of the cliffs and rice fields in the east, and green trees to the west.

Road access

The fastest road access from the airport or any port is by driving for at least 2 to 3 hours through the sub-districts of Pemenang and Tanjung, which then lead to the sub-district of Bayan. for more detailed trips, you should use google map

People & Culture

Senaru village people are famous for their friendly nature. most of them are of Sasak ethnicity and there are also some settlers. they make a living from farming and offering handyman services to each other, but some of them work as tour guides and porters (people who carry logistics in tour activities).

Senaru natives have a unique character, on average they master 3 languages ​​including foreign languages. there are also those who master up to 5 languages ​​such as Sasak, Indonesian, English, French, and Chinese. for that, you will have no trouble communicating with them

The life of the people there is quite advanced. However, they do not abandon the culture and customs of their ancestors. Here are their habits and culture that are well known throughout the archipelago


Begawe is a large-scale event held by certain people who have special purposes such as holding a wedding or circumcision. This event was addressed and enlivened by local people who were there. the person who owns the event will prepare large consumption such as several buffaloes and cows to be distributed to the surrounding community who participate in organizing the event. it’s like a big party, there is a lot of alcoholic liquor made in large quantities, its name is Berem. This traditional drink belongs to the wine category which is made from rice and tape then fermented for months.


Perisaian is an event popularized by the Sasak tribe, where 2 young men will duel using rattan and shields and accompanied by traditional music. Usually, this event was held to enliven the Begawe event. But over time, this event is now often designated as a stage show where the audience will pay an entrance ticket to watch it

Gendang Beleq

Gendang Beleq in the Sasak language itself means a big drum. this event is similar to a music parade performed by some local youths. Some of them played flutes, gongs and drums made of cowhide. This event is usually done to enliven the event of circumcision.

Senaru Village Attractions

Official Hiking Trail

One of the main entrances to the Mount Rinjani hiking trail is at Senaru village, where the track is covered by tropical rain forest up to post 3 then heading to the lip of the caldera (2641 masl). to reach the main peak of 3726, climbers need at least 3 days and 2 nights. for this reason, most climbers choose this path as the finish point where the climb will start from Sembalun village.

Sasak Traditional Village

Senaru Village
Sasak traditional village in Senaru

Apart from Sade village, there is also a traditional Sasak village in Senaru which is no less famous, the location is right at the entrance of the hiking trail.
All the houses in this village really do not use modern construction, the building materials are only made of bamboo and wood with stacked roofs of dry rice trees, while the floors are made of dense piles of clay mixed with cow dung.
The use of buffalo dung works to make the floor smoother and stronger, the stench only lasts 30 minutes when it was first made, after it dries the stench from this dung will disappear.

Coffee Garden

coffee garden in Senaru Village
Tiu Kelep view from coffee garden

The coffee garden is one of the most visited places in Senaru Village. There are indeed many coffee trees in the area, but the main attraction is the stunning view of the Tiu Kelep waterfall that can be enjoyed from here. There is no road access to go down to Tiu Kelep from this place because the cliffs are very steep.

Scenic view of ricefield

senaru panorama walk
mount rinjani view with the ricefield below in Senaru village

one of the goals of tourists visiting Senaru Village apart from climbing is to take a vacation to avoid urban pollution, the fresh and cool air in the morning is very effective for relieving stress due to work. There are many inns on the outskirts of Senaru Village cliffs that offer incredible views of the rice fields which are green and look yellow in the morning.

Sindang Gile Waterfall

Sindang Gile waterfall at Senaru Village

There are 3 access roads to get here, by going through the footpath which is flowed by the water source next to it, and 2 of them by going down the stairs. This waterfall is very crowded with visitors every weekend, the public facilities here are bathrooms and places of worship for Muslims. there are also several street vendors selling various snacks and drinks.

Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Tiu Kelep waterfall at Senaru village
Tiu Kelep waterfall at Senaru village

Tiu Kelep Waterfall is the most iconic waterfall on the island of Lombok, there are several advertisements on television that take videos and pictures of this waterfall. Unlike Sindang Gile, Tiu Kelep does not have public facilities such as a bathroom because it is far in the forest. the access road to get here is the same as Sindang Gile, it’s just a little further along the footpath and bridge for about 20 minutes.

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