Things to do on the arrival day before trekking

things to do before trekking

Things to do on the arrival day before trekking activity

when you come to Lombok to do climbing activities on Mount Rinjani and you are a client who has already booked at our company, our driver will wait for you at the place that you previously confirmed to us and take you to our office and accommodation in northern Lombok, precisely in Senaru village (one of the official hiking trails to mount rinjani).

If you have completed all payments online, our driver will immediately take you to the inn, but if not you must complete all payments previously agreed. When you have paid off, you will be directed to the room according to the type of package you choose, if you take standard service, your room is facilitated with a fan and water heater. but if you take the deluxe service your room will be facilitated with air conditioning and a water heater.

There are some interesting places in senaru that you can visit on your arrival day, our tour guide will lead you to have a look around if you arrived at senaru before 3 pm. But if you arrive at senaru after 3 pm, you will only stay at the accommodation until evening and wait for the briefing time, where our tour guide will explain in more detail about the climbing route that will be carried out the next morning

Things to do in Senaru Village

You can do this activity if you arrive at Senaru before 3 pm, our tour guide will guide you to visit the Sindang Gila waterfall which is about 30 minutes walk from our inn and also another 30 minutes for Tiu Kelep waterfal.

Sindang Gile Waterfall

Sindang Gila Waterfall is one of the favorite tourist destinations on Lombok Island, many come here to relax with family and friends. The source of this waterfall is from the crater of Mount Rinjani, namely Lake Segara Anak. The location is covered with lush and green trees, there are several entrances to get to this waterfall, some go down through a thousand steps, there are also flat paths.

sindang gile waterfall
Sindang Gile Waterfall

Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Tiu Kelep waterfall is about 30 minutes walk from Sindang Gile via a bridge and several rivers, you will walk on a path surrounded by green trees. access to this waterfall is the same as Sindang Gile only a little further.

things to do before trekking
Tiu Kelep Waterfall

The location is quite far into the tropical rain forest, because there are lots of trees it already feels dark even at 04 pm (night comes at 6 pm), for that you should visit this waterfall before the afternoon.




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